On behalf of Victoria W. Carr Foundation, we would like to cordially invite you to be a Partner during Domestic Violence Awareness Month to support the Breaking The Silence Gala Friday, October 19, 2018. The day-long event centers upon Community Recognition and is being held in conjunction with Inaugural A.S.A.P. Awards. 

Breaking the Silence is a change agent in domestic violence prevention dedicated to servicing our communities through the mission of  hard hitting activism and education. 

Our goal is to enrich the lives of both affected and the unaware with insightful knowledge. Our partnership not only doubles our reach but maximizes our impact by prompting local and national changes to improve individual lives economically, mentally and politically.

It is entertaining, ground breaking and loaded with empowerment. It is a night of up lifting and guidance to foster her confidence, and stimulate her mind to the next level. The experience is definitely not the ordinary, but will challenge and change the way society addressed domestic violence. This momentous event will allow the light to shine on those individuals who are Advocates, Allies, Partners and Survivors, continuing their mission of service to others and thriving to ensure prevention and information is always available. Our speakers and key influencers are leaders in Entertainment, Media and TV, as well as Community Organizers and Government Officials. They all have stories of perseverance and triumph. They are game changers that are strong in faith.

Each one of these powerhouses understand the fragility of a woman and the value of her make up. They acknowledge and detail her achievements as well as her failures. She is simple and complicated and in one day she uses as many tools as she has learned to balance family, career, image, and inner self. Tools are the main essentials to her survival and this event is dedicated to equip and empower her, while acknowledging those who stand behind and with her.